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Jamaica Making
The Theresa Roberts Art Collection
Edited by Emma Roberts
Liverpool University Press 2022

Book title Jamaika Making - The Theresa Roberts Art Collection published 2022

This book accompanies the first exhibition entirely of Jamaican art to take place in the north-west of the UK. The exhibition, Jamaica Making: The Theresa Roberts Art Collection, is sited at the Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool in 2022, and is a comprehensive presentation of the best of Jamaican art since the 1960s.

The Theresa Roberts Art Collection is the private collection of Theresa Roberts, a Jamaican-born businesswoman and philanthropist, who has made the UK her home. This collection offers an important insight into the development of Jamaican art since the country gained Independence in 1962. Indeed, the exhibition also acts to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Jamaican independence in 2022.
Included in the book are the following: an official welcome from the Prime Minister of Jamaica; an essay by the collector, exhibition donor and philanthropist, Theresa Roberts; an introduction by eminent British-Jamaican art historian, Edward Lucie-Smith; essays by Emma Roberts, the exhibition curator (Liverpool John Moores University), Davinia Gregory, writer, educator and researcher (Columbia University, USA) and Sireita Mullings, arts practitioner and visual sociologist (University of Bedfordshire). The final section of the book is the full visual catalogue of the Jamaica Making exhibition - a unique record of this historic exhibition.

Emma Roberts is Associate Dean (Global Engagement) at Liverpool John Moores University.

The Theresa Roberts Art Collection

Logo Royal Drawing School

Logo of Jamaica Observer Magazine
“Artists in Residence”
The Style Observer, 29 July 2018

Jamaica-born UK resident and promoter of all things Rock and fab Theresa Roberts has established The Hanover Grange Jamaica Residency in conjunction with Prince Charles’s Royal Drawing School.

Read the Jamaica Observer Article

Visit The Royal Drawing School - Residencies Jamaica Website

Prince Charles with Theresa and Andrew Roberts - The Royal Drawing School
Art Awakening Humanity at St Stephen Walbrook London 2017


An interactive afternoon of short talks and meditations organised by St Stephen Walbrook in partnership with Awakened Artists and Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine. The event includes contributions from artists, collectors & spiritual teachers centred around the relationship between art and the spiritual dimension. Inspired by a recent interview with Eckhart Tolle in Mind Body Spirit Magazine, the afternoon will primarily focus on art's capacity to 'awaken' humanity and serve as a portal to the invisible realms of beauty.

The event will be held in the context of an exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook of Alexander de Cadenet’s ‘Life-Burgers’, works which question the vanity of worldly existence and explores the “cultural hero system” proposed by philosopher Ernest Becker.

Presenters: Alexander de Cadenet, Jonathan, Theresa Roberts, Revd Mark Dean, Roseline de Thélin, Jonathan Kearney, Edward Lucie-Smith and Revd Jonathan Evens.

For more information please visit: awakenedartists.com/events
Read the Press Release Art Awakening Humanity

Black Jesus - Painting and text about art exhibition

‘REALITY: Modern and Contemporary British Painting’
at The Walker
27 Sep 2014 — 1 Mar 2015 at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, United Kingdom

Stacks Image 9112

REALITY: Modern and Contemporary British Painting is a new exhibition at The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Curated by artist Chris Stevens, the exhibition brings together over 50 works celebrating the strength of British painting with some of the best and most influential artists of the last sixty years.

Modern and Contemporary British Painting features works from the following artists:
Francis Bacon, Tony Bevan, John Bratby, Cecily Brown, Katarzyna Coleman, Graham Crowley, Ken Currie, Dexter Dalwood, Lucian Freud, Anthony Green, Gwen Hardie, Philip Harris, Clive Head, David Hepher, David Hockney, Luke Jackson,
Sam Jackson, Chantal Joffe, John Keane, L.S. Lowry, Alan MacDonald, Jock McFadyen, Paula Rego, Ray Richardson, Terry Setch, George Shaw, Walter Sickert, Stanley Spencer, Chris Stevens, Caroline Walker, Alison Watt, Carel Weight.

Read on - Article Meer online

Read the Art in Liverpool Review

Watch the video: Gwen Hardie' Paintings at exhibition Reality

Exhibition Book:
Modern and Contemporary British Painting

Sarah Güsten-Marr Exhibition, LONDON:

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Exhibition by Sarah Güsten-Marr
26 - 31 August 2014
10 Hanover Street
London W1S 1YQ

Sep 2014: "Phillip Thomas — an artist in residence"

Phillip Thomas with theresa Roberts
In his oil paintings and mixed-media works, artist Phillip Thomas combines the imagery and tradition of the old masters with contemporary textures and patterns to create a new iconography.
As a starting point for those cross-cultural conversations, Thomas looks to the model of the French academies, plucking techniques (like oil painting on stretched canvas) and imagery (such as toreadors in elaborate costumes, silhouetted portraits, elaborately staged arrangements of figures) not only as formal elements, but also relics of art history, offering a statement on colonialism and its aftermath, especially in his native Caribbean.
“You want a way to lure people into the image, and then it unfolds itself, like a very slow car crash,” he says. “I try in many ways to present the audience to themselves.”
Phillip Thomas met art enthusiast and unapologetic promoter of all things Jamaican Theresa Roberts through a mutual friend, Guy McIntosh. He was an art dealer, and Roberts had purchased a painting by him during his days as a student at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.
“Theresa Roberts is one of the most patriotic persons I've ever met. She cares deeply about the state and direction of our country and wants to see the island (Jamaica) develop. For this reason she supports all things Jamaican… we've been friends ever since.” Through the intervention of Roberts — seems not even HRH Prince Charles can say 'No' to Roberts: Thomas was afforded the opportunity of being in residence at Dumfries House in Scotland for two weeks. Read on - article online

"THEIR SPIRITS" by Laura Facey
31 January – 7 September 2014

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Stacks Image 8533

SEXY SUBJECTS – Kristina Rowe
Black Circle Gallery at Hanover Grange, Jamaica
8 – 15 November 2013 - Download the catalogue

kristina Rowe Painting

ok-magazine Sep 2013: "EXPRESSIONS"
Sarah Güsten-Marr Exhibition in Cork Street:

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Sarah Güsten-Marr

10 – 14 Sep 2013

27 Cork Street, Mayfair
London W1S 3NG

Sarah Güsten-Marr, Acrylic on Canvas

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the-voice-logo Apr 2013: "Jamaica – Land She Loves"
Art collector Theresa Roberts on her passion for showcasing the work of Jamaican artists:

read the article online

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Logo for news The Standard, black writing and an angel with bow in red

Going under in Canary Wharf
The Standard - 13 April 2012

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Robert Mendick | Evening Standard13 April 2012

It's a sinking feeling that banks at Canary Wharf sadly know only too well.
Just a few hundred yards from the European headquarters of bankrupted Lehman Brothers, a capsizing yacht forms part of an art installation that will be seen on the Thames and around the docks of London.
Two years in the planning, it is pure serendipity that a sinking boat should have been put in place in Docklands during the banking crisis.
The work, Love-Love, is by French artist Julien Berthier, who is pictured on board at South Dock. He will remain there for most of the weekend before abandoning ship and departing for Paris.
Lehman Brothers headquarters is somewhere over his shoulder among the skyscrapers that make up Canary Wharf.
The yacht has a motor and can travel up and down the Thames in its pictured state. It is understood the piece has been sold for about £50,000.
The installation forms part of Drift 08, the first art exhibition to be staged on the Thames.
It opens today and will run until 19 October and include artworks at Blackfriars, the Millennium Bridge and London Bridge as well as on a barge near HMS Belfast and on a buoy near the Globe Theatre.

The exhibition's curator, Caroline Jones, told the Evening Standard: "I always thought that the capsizing yacht is an optimistic piece because it never sinks."
The banking sector should at least take heart from that.

Read the Standard-Article online

8 – 13 August 2012, 27 Cork Street, London - watch the video

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London, England:
Jamaica House 2012 will be celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence with a special art exhibition titled ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’ from Jamaican art curator Mrs. Theresa Roberts and fashion designer Sharmain Forde scheduled for Independence Day, Monday August 6th in the North Greenwich Arena, London.
The ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’ show presents an exhibition of fashion inspired by art, staged by Art Jamaica in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture. The exhibition celebrates elements of Jamaican culture which are world class, but rarely exposed outside of Jamaica. Sharmain Forde has created 20 pieces each inspired by a different work in the Art Jamaica collection.
Jamaica House 2012, taking place from August 3 -12, is the official national house for the country in London and serves as the base of Jamaica’s National Olympic Committee. The initiative seeks to capture Brand Jamaica in every way when the eyes of the world are focused on Jamaica during the London 2012 Summer Olympics. With the addition of ‘Art Jamaica in Fashion’, Jamaica House will truly capture the island’s cultural entirety.
According to Theresa Roberts, particular emphasis was placed on choosing pieces of art that represented different eras in Jamaica's progress as an independent country for the creation of the collection. The result of this careful planning has resulted in an art and fashion show which joyfully celebrates and demonstrates Jamaica's rich post-colonial cultural heritage.
"I am honoured to have been given this wonderful opportunity by my country to showcase the best of Jamaican culture to the world,” Mrs. Roberts added.
Mrs. Roberts is involved in numerous United Kingdom arts projects such as: DRIFT - installations on the River Thames; New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge University - a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women artists, with the exhibition of Jamaican women artists at Murray Edwards College in 2010; and the establishment of the International Slavery Museum, forming part of Liverpool's National Museums. Ms. Roberts has also launched her own commercial gallery, ‘Black Circle’ to give exposure to Jamaican artists currently under represented in Europe.
Sharmain Forde is a fashion and interior designer of Jamaican heritage who has embraced a wide range of influences, defying traditional limitations and creating new forms in fashion and design. Born in London, Jamaica has been a 'touchstone' throughout her career, influencing her colour, texture and silhouette choices. "Jamaican Independence is my independence", Forde expressed.
The Jamaica House 2012 initiative is organized by JAMPRO, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and the Jamaica 50 Secretariat.


Exhibition of fashion inspired by art in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture
8 – 13 August 2012, 27 Cork Street, London


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Images: THE STYLE OBSERVER JAMAICA, September 2012

-> download PDF Article Style Observer

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'Spirit of Jamaica'
11 - 16 October 2011
BlackCircle Gallery Exhibition featuring the work of Jamaican Artists
14 Percy Street, London, W1

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The opening exhibition features the work of its Jamaican artists, Monique Lofters, Kristina M. Rowe, Laura Hamilton, Philip Thomas and Laura Facey Cooper.
The Spirit of Jamaica exhibition curated to coincide with the launch of Black Circle Gallery is a natural starting point for a gallery conceived to represent artists from countries which are underrepresented in Europe.

Superficial notions of Jamaican culture which are portrayed in the mainstream media in Europe fail to take into account the sophisticated visual arts community which exists in the country. This diverse and dynamic arts scene is in no small part due to the legacy of "the Mother of Jamaican Art” Edna Manley (a contemporary of Barbara Hepworth, wife of Chief Minister Norman Manley and mother of Prime Minister Michael Manley) who established disciplines and infrastructures in the country which would be immediately recognisable to the Anglo-Saxon eye but which have evolved over the 50 years since independence to become uniquely Jamaican in character. The artists in the show represent the best of the new wave of artists following in the footsteps of past masters such as Albert Huie,Barrington Watson and John Dunkley all of whom have established reputations beyond the West Indies. Although crudely categorised as a new wave of artists the individuals do,of course,represent talent at different stages of maturity and at different points in their careers.

Monique Lofters and Kristina Rowe were the undoubted stars of the Edna Manley Art College final year show in 200[9].These are two young women who have a huge amount to say about the role of women in Jamaica today.The Island has long been a matriarchal society but it is telling that women are well represented in this show despite there being no recognised Jamaican woman "Old Master" other than Edna Manley. Laura Facey and Lara Hamilton are,in contrast,established and popular artists in Jamaica who have also exhibited overseas and are starting to gain international reputations.Laura Facey's sculpture ["Slave Ship"] has been exhibited in museums outside Jamaica and has created international interest befitting its subject matter and the quality of its execution. Philip Thomas is the rising star of Jamaican Art.An articulate and thoughtful individual he is already represented by a dealer in New York and we feel privileged to have been able to represent him in the UK.Philip deals with the place of black culture in Europe through his depictions of recognisably European figures from history with "blackness" imposed upon them.This technique forces us (sometimes uncomfortably) to question the way in which "European" culture and history has been presented to us.In addition the uneasy relationship between beauty and brutality are another recurring theme.

Black Circle Gallery is a dynamic new gallery funded by Theresa Roberts to promote artists from countries which are underrepresented in Europe. Theresa Roberts is a Jamaican by birth and this first exhibition showcasing young Jamaican talent is a natural starting point reflecting her heritage.

> Read also the online article in Press Jamaican Observer

Details of the Artists are as follows:

Monique Lofters
Born in Jamaica in 1987
Attended Edna Manley School of Visual Arts

Kristina M. Rowe

Born in Jamaica in 1986
Attended Edna Manley School of Visual Arts

Laura Hamilton
Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1964
Attended Central School of Art, London UK & Kingston Polytechnic, London UK

Phillip Thomas
Born in 1980
Attended the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts and has won several awards

Laura Facey Cooper
Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1954
Attended Jamaica School of Art Kingston, Jamaica and also West Surrey College of Art and Design, England. She has received several awards including a commission of sculpture for Emancipation Park, Kingston.

Press Article in Epicurean Life, Page 93
The Spirit of Jamaica

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Oct 2011:

The Spirit of Jamaica

> Download 2 pages PDF

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Oct 2011:

Jamaican art to open new London gallery

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Illuminate Productions

Illuminate Production Website image of London

DRIFT - Transforming the river Thames through culture by various artists

This ambitious project brought together artists and audiences in a unique way. In 2008 DRIFT was the first contemporary art show to celebrate and be held on London’s lifeline - the river Thames. Seven strategically placed, site-responsive, installations took route along the river, its banks and bridges - and flourished there for six weeks.
Fusing art with the ever-changing natural elements, artists worked alongside marine and structural engineers, scientists, technicians and local authorities, to push boundaries and enhance the cultural regeneration of an undiscovered part of central London.
This dramatic visual landscape, set out to inspire the public by offering a spectacle for community, national and global audiences. We were overwhelmed by people’s hunger for artistic stimulation on the Thames, so in 2010 we commissioned and produced more artworks and built audience interaction and participation.
We are working towards DRIFT becoming a biennial event on the calendar and are currently looking for financial partners.

Date Pilot in 2006, exhibitions in 2008 and 2010
Location Various central London locations, on bridges, walkways and in the river Thames
Commissioned and Produced by Illuminate Productions. Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council England, Mayor of London, Southwark Council, Canary Wharf Group, City of London, Tate Modern, Better Bankside, Port of London Authority, Transport for London, Canal and City Trust, Network Rail, Docklands Light Railway, Walki and Traxon Technologies.
Key coverage total reach 911 million. Media included: BBC News, Discovery Channel, BBC China, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, The Independent, The Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

See all images and videos here

Sinking boat at Canary Wharf
30 September 2008

Flickr website showing Canary Wharf and the sunken sailing ship - an art project

"Love-Love" by Julien Berthier - Sinking boat at Canary Wharf

In the midst of all this financial chaos, it was rather amusing to find (in a wry sort of way) on my walk to the office "quarterly briefing" this morning to spot this art installation (bizarrely called "Love-Love") twisting in the breeze in the middle of South Dock...It's total coincidence too (barring unprecidented artistic precognition) as it's part of the planned event "Drift 08" taking place along the Thames currently - apparently it is (despite appearances) actually perfectly sea-worthy, and can be moved around powered by an electric motor in exactly this configuration - I bet that raised more than a few eyebrows when it was sailed up the Thames..."Non, non, I am fine! Really!!!" ;)

Apparently, the French artist responsible - Julien Berthier - has actually now sold the piece (although probably not to a wealthy London Banker) for £50,000, but it's staying put for the time being if you want to come and take a peek at it spinning mournfully, perpetually suspended at the moment before total catastrophe...(the boat that is)...

See all images in Flickr

Read the story by Julien Berthier online

Sinking boat at Canary Wharf
30 September 2008

Image of the slavery Musueum in Liverpool

International Slavery Museum Liverpool

The Museum of Slavery opened in Liverpool in September 2007, attended from dignitaries from all over the world.
Harry Belafonte’s speech about slavery was one of the highlights of the grand gala at St-Georges-Hall. Artist David Begbie was approached earlier this year to work on a sculpture to donate to the museum. “NSLAVE” was auctioned at the opening and raised a substantial amount of money.

Mrs. Roberts is involved in numerous United Kingdom arts projects such as: DRIFT - installations on the River Thames; New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge University - a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women artists, with the exhibition of Jamaican women artists at Murray Edwards College in 2010; and the establishment of the International Slavery Museum, forming part of Liverpool's National Museums.

Support for Jamaican artists has now become Theresa Roberts’ main passion and she continues to be involved in various UK arts projects. Ms. Roberts has also launched her own commercial gallery, ‘Black Circle Gallery’ to give exposure to Jamaican artists currently under represented in Europe.

In the pictures: High Commissioner for Jamaica Burchell Whitman, Joline Whitman with Harry Belafonte, Theresa and Andrew Roberts, art critique Edward Lucie-Smith, David and Eva Begbie, donated wire-mesh sculpture 'NSLAVE' 2007, unique artwork.

  • thersa roberts eva begbie 2007 s
    thersa roberts eva begbie 2007 s
  • thersa roberts david begbie 2007 s
    thersa roberts david begbie 2007 s
  • slavery sculpture by artist David Begbie s
    slavery sculpture by artist David Begbie s
  • liverpool 4 s
    liverpool 4 s
  • liverpool 3 s
    liverpool 3 s
  • liverpool 2 s
    liverpool 2 s
  • liverpool 1 s
    liverpool 1 s
  • harry bellafonte liverpool slavery museum s
    harry bellafonte liverpool slavery museum s
  • artist david begbie slavery museum liverpool s
    artist david begbie slavery museum liverpool s
  • Liverpool eva s
    Liverpool eva s
  • Liverpool david s
    Liverpool david s
  • Liverpool St Georges Hall interior s
    Liverpool St Georges Hall interior s
  • David Begbie sculpture nslave
    David Begbie sculpture nslave

Summer of ‘84

UK Dinner for Louise Bennet (Miss Lou). Hosted by Ambassador Roberts and her father Percival Williams.

Jamaican Ambassador 1984 event
  • Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6243 1100px
    Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6243 1100px
  • Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6242 1100px
    Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6242 1100px
  • Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6241 1100px
    Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6241 1100px
  • Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6240 1100px
    Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6240 1100px
  • Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6239 1100px
    Theresa Roberts 1984 event 6239 1100px